Spinner Carry On Luggage: Advantages & Disadvantages

Waiting in line at the airport check-in can really be a drag. Spinner carry on luggage with 4 wheels can really be a relief. It’s easier to move than 2 wheeled roller bags. The extra movability just makes the waiting part a bit easier.

The 4 wheels of spinner luggage are multi-directional. It will let you move the case in all directions.

Below we mentioned some advantages, but here are some disadvantages of spinner carry on luggage.

  • The wheels stick out which can make them more difficult to put away in the overhead locker.
  • Spinner luggage is slightly heavier because they are 4-wheeled.
  • The more wheels, the higher the risk of damaging them.
  • Spinner luggage is more expensive.
  • Your luggage can roll away easily.

Now you should have a clear picture about spinner carry-on bags and why they should deserve your attention.

Below we’ve gathered information about the most bought spinner carry on luggage today.

Travelpro Luggage Crew 9 Expandable Spinner Suiter

This roller suitcase is produced by Travelpro. They were the pioneers in this roller bag market and they are still one of the most renowned brands. You can trust them to deliver top notch spinner bags.
They’re worth the price they ask: you get high quality and that many customers just can be wrong. Many people confirm that their spinner bags last for many years.

Ricardo Beverly Hills Sausalito Superlight 4 Wheels Expandable Spinner

It is a bit unexpected for a 4 wheels spinner carry on luggage, but it’s lightweight. The Ricardo weighs only 8.8pounds.

You can move it around without any problems due to the 4wheels. And despite these it’s still very light. This is because of the efficient design and the lightweight materials that were used to produce this spinner bag.

The case is available in black, blue and paisley.

Delsey Helium Aero Carry-On Spinner Trolley

What pops up is that this spinner carry-on luggage had a hard case. This will make sure that your stuff will be protected during flight.

Because the Delsey Trolly is made from 100% polycarbonate it’s extremely lightweight. Only 8.2 pounds so we really had to mention this spinner case in our list.

The fact that it has 8 wheels (4 twin spinner wheels) make it easy to move around without using a lot of force.

For safety it also has a combination lock. So we can conclude that it’s a lightweight bag, easy to roll around and move in any direction and your belongings are safe.

Summary Spinner Carry on Luggage

Airports are crowded. This makes it a stressful location. So everything that can relief the pressure a bit is welcome. Spinner luggage can really help you in this matter. Nothing is more annoying than a bag that doesn’t move like you want when you’re trying to catch a flight..

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