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Pros: Not expensive and you get a full luggage set. Rigid construction. A lot of handles. Self-locking top handle. The smaller bag is ideal for the overhead compartment. Wheeled carry-on bag.
Cons: Not high quality material (polyester). Only 2 wheels. Smaller than it looks.


The US Traveler two piece carry on luggage set is one of the best luggage sets around. You get really great value for the cheap price that it costs.

What makes it even better is that you get 2 bags for this price. The bigger one is the real carry on luggage. However if this one is too big you could still use the smaller tote bag as an alternative. It’s a bit smaller, but it will be surely within the size restrictions of every airline company.

Traveler’s Choice is a renowned brand. They specialise in luggage so you can be confident that they have the skills to make good carry on bags.

Some people use the larger bag as carry on luggage, other ones prefer the smaller tote bag.

US Traveler Rio Luggage Specifications

US Traverler Rio is one of the best sellers on Amazon among luggage sets. It’s not for nothing they have 900+ reviews of which most of them are positive. The popularity of this carry on bag is due to the quality you get for a very affordable price. There are some specifics features for this luggage set. If you just like to have the facts before making a purchase decision then this is for you:

  • The luggage set is made from 100% polyester. This makes it strong but it’s still a soft-side luggage. However the weight is less because of the soft shell.
  • Size Carry-on luggage : 21″ x 13.5″ x 8.5″
  • Size travel tote: 14″ x 10″ x 6″
  • Retractable handles with a push-button on the big bag.
  • The smaller luggage has a sturdy strap on to carry it around. It has no wheels.
  • 2-wheeled carry on bag
  • Available in 4 different colours: Purple, Green, Orange and Blue


You get a set instead of just 1 bag.

Strong polyester construction.

Well-built luggage.

Easy to use handle system.

Perfect fit in the overhead, so ideal carry-on bag.

Wheeled carry on bag.


It’s only available in 4 basic colour. So there’s little choice.

It has a soft shell, so it’s susceptible to damage.

The handle is difficult to pull up according to some people.

If you use the expansion panel in the larger bag then it may not fit the overhead compartment anymore.


There is not a lot to say about the design. It’s a clean design but nothing fancy. The colours in which the bags are available are limited and they are plain colours. There are no carry on luggages with special patterns to choose from. To be honest the design is a bit weak. It’s not ugly, but it doesn’t stand out from the rest of available bags in the market. However that said it doesn’t need to win it clients by design but by the low price and the fact you get 2 decent bags.

Carrying The Bag

In this case you have 2 carry-on bags.

The big one can contain more belongings and thus will be heavier. You can tow it around with the retractable handle and it is equipped with 2 wheels which should make the proces of running around with it a lot easier. If you want to carry it there are handles at the top, on the left side and at the bottom. The one at the bottom is made from plastic and thus a bit stronger. This means it’s possible to carry it around with 2 handles if you like.

The smaller one is a carry on tote bag. This one has a comfortable handle and a strap which makes it a lot easier to carry around. There’s also a black strap made out of velcro on the back so you could attach it to the bigger carry-on bag.

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