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Pros: Not expensive. Strap available so you can put an extra bag on top. Ergonomic pull handle. Will fit a lot of clothes. Allowed as carry on by most airlines.
Cons: No spinner wheels. According to some people the heigt is 23.5 inch. Only available in 2 colors.

Travelling is something that should go easy. If you’re at the airport and going on a trip you are in vacation mode. So you don’t want any¬†inconveniencies. A luggage that isn’t accepted as a carry on or a luggage that doesn’t roll smoothly are some of those things that happen while checking in.

Don’t you wish you could avoic all these problems by having the right suitcase before you step on a plane? Then you should look at the Skyway Luggage Epic. This 2 wheeled expandable carry on luggage has all the features you need to travel without hassle.


Specs of the Skyway Luggage Epic 2 Wheel Expandable Carry On

Skyway Luggage Epic 21 Inch 2 Wheel Expandable Carry On

  • Fabric used:Polyester.
  • Telescopic handle which a push button to lock in on your ideal height.
  • Tie-down straps for keep your clothes in the same place during flight.
  • Expandable luggage (Max 2 inch)
  • Interior contains a mesh pocket.
  • Possibility to add a second bag on top and make it stick there with an adjustable strap.
  • Strong zippers that will last long.
  • A top and side carry handle that is padded so you wouldn’t hurt your hand while carrying your luggage.
  • Warranty of 5 years.
  • 2-wheeled luggage.
  • Carry on luggage.
  • Size: 21″ hight x 14″ wide x 7″deep
  • Weight: 6 pounds
  • Front feet so it won’t fall over.
  • Available in 2 colors: Black and blue.
  • Large zippered front pocket where a laptop or tablet could fit.
  • Small zippered front pocket for little things.
  • Softsided luggage.

Skyway Luggage 2 Wheel Expandable Carry On Reviews

It’s always handy if you can have buyers their opinion. Luckily some people already bought this Skyway luggage and gave some reviews. Let’s begin with the positive ones:

I looked forever to find a bag that would fit international carry on standards. It is a difficult thing to find in the United States. I tried the bag on a 6 day trip where it was in and out of hotels every day and held in the overhead on the flight. The bag has straps inside so the clothes stay in place. It fits a surprising amount of stuff inside. The bag seems sturdy. It stood upright and did not fall over like other bags. The handle worked perfectly. The bag was very easy to pull around. The dimensions are as quoted. For the price, it’s a terrific bag so far. The only thing that would make this bag better would be spinner wheels.

Great price for good quality carry on luggage that looks great on the outside and inside!

Had no problems,great for the price.passes for carry on and carries alot for its size.I was very impressed with this product.

Lots of pockets and a shoe liner to keep your clothes from getting dirty. I was surprised by how much I could fit in there and it was well-balanced, unlike another similar item I purchased. Wish it came in more colors.

This is a great suitcase and it was well priced. Works great as a carry-on. Fits all normal size planes but if you are flying on a little prop type plane you will have to check it before getting on the plane.

Some people were not happy with the Skyway luggage they ordered and gave a negative review. To get a clear picture before buying you should check these out also:

Zipper was broken. Can’t recommend this product as a result even though my daughter loved it.

Light, compact. It is great for a short trip. The downside. after one trip, I found the interior to be thin and the lining in the front compartment was torn.

THIS BAG IS NOT 21 INCHES!!! Trust me.
Outer dimension is 23.5″Hx15″Wx9″D

We bought 2 of these for our Intl trip on United Airlines the size that is listed on Amazon is the inside dimension NOT the outside Dimension this will NOT fit in United Airlines luggage sizer!

Purchased this hoping it would be of the same quality as my previous roll aboard by the same company. Not the same quality at all. This suitcase is lighter, more flimsy and does not have the same useful interior design.

Summary Skyway Luggage Epic

The Skyway luggage Epic is a cool bag. This upright suitcase scores 4 out of 5 and has almost everything people want. Some advantages: It’s not heavy, it is made from decent material, has carry handles and a telescopic handle. Everything is there to make your life just a bit easier.

Maybe the biggest disadvantages are the fact that it doesn’t have 4 wheels and that it’s not a spinner suitcase. This limits the maneuverability a bit. Another drawback is that it only comes in 2 colors, luckily most people like blue or black luggage. Don’t hesitate any longer if you like it, just order this type of Skyway luggage.