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Pros: Dirt Cheap for what you get. High qualiity bag. Famous brand.
Cons: Soft side luggage so less protection against impact. Polyester is vulnerable and holes can appear in the fabric. On the edge of what is allowed as carry on bag. According to most people they didn't encounter any problems at the airport.

Going on a trip soon and nee some flexible luggage that can serve as a carryon? Then the Samsonite luggage 22 inch Andante wheeled duffel is your best friend. It is roomy, but still small enough to be allowed as carry on luggage on most flights. It fits perfectly in the overhead bin. If there’s not much room you can squeeze it because it’s not a hard side luggage. It’s a duffel bag on wheels and this rolling bag makes you next trip just a little bit easier. Don’t hesitate but check it out.


Specifics of the Samsonite Andante 22 rolling duffel

Samsonite Andante 22 rolling duffel

  • Extremely lightweight. Only 5.1 pounds.
  • Softside luggage made from polyester.
  • Expandable due to the fabric it’s made from. You can squeeze extra stuff in without any problems.
  • Duffel bag.
  • Wheeled duffel with 2 skate wheels that roll easily.
  • This rolling duffel bag can’t be pulled upright because it only has 2 wheels.
  • Multiple pockets for easy organization.
  • Pull handle with locking mechanism which makes it easy to move.
  • 2 carry handles: one on top when the bag is stading upright and one of the front side.
  • Each type of the Samsonite Andante bags are composed out of 2 colors: Black-Grey, Black-Red, Black-Crimson and Black-Charcoal.
  • 2 zipper closure: 1 gives access to the main compartment, the other to the side section.
  • Size: 22″ x 12.5″ x 12″
  • Smooth looking design.
  • On the limit of being a carryon, but according to frequent flyers they had no problems to take it with them as airline carryon.

What do other say about the samsonite luggage 22 inch andante wheeled duffel

People have certain expectations when purchasing a bag. Certainly when it’s made by known brand that stands for quality. Could this Andante rolling duffel manage expectations or did it fall short? For this we will have to review what buyers had to say about it. Let’s find out what some satisfied buyers had to say:

I read the reviews and ordered it. i am totally shocked how much room this thing has…its insane and very well built! I may order anothe one.

This is a great bag. I used it for one of my recent business trips and I loved it ! It fits easily in the overhead compartments on flights and I especially love the fact that it is wheeled. I could easily fit all the stuff I needed for a 3 days trip with plenty of room to spare. I have the back/red one and it looks good too.

So much better than a hard-sided suitcase for carrying on. You can fit so much more in this, and it’s pretty rugged and durable. Great bag for the money!

Perfect for carry on bag. Made several trips and found there was enough room to pack clothes for the week. Lightweight and easy to pull through airports. Price is right and it paid for itself the first two weeks since I didn’t have to pay the airline baggage fee.

Plenty of room, handle on top as well as middle convenient for when not rolling. Rolling handle works well. Doesn’t stand on end all that well but not terribly tippy either. Definitely workable. Plenty of room, and was able to check on all four flights in a test run. Possibly if overfilled it might get flagged, but I had it pretty full. Light. Storage compartment on top handy.

With a name comes high expectations. For some people their expectations were not met. In the Samsonite Andante reviews below we’ll read why:

Thank goodness I had not left my home and had a friend that provided a back up for me. As soon as I used the zipper, it let go and the whole duffle was useless.

Initially I thought I bought a good product with good price and thought of buying another one. My thought is totally wrong. Damaged after transferred from one airport to another airport.

When the luggage is filled up, it couldn’t stand well, it will fall anyway.

I just used it on two trips until now. It already has two holes in the cloth in the lower part near the wheels!
I was so shocked to discover them. I was pretty careful about handling my bag. I have no idea how the holes were formed.

Little bit disappointed with this duffel, made of much thinner and cheaper plastic then the one I already have. Don’t be fooled by name Samsonite on the duffel. I had (and still have) many products from Samsonite (3 suitcases, 3 duffel bags different sizes) and I’m perfectly happy with all of them. But this one is by far worse product I own.

Conclusion about the Samsonite Andante

The Samsonite Andante duffel bag is available in 2 size versions: the smaller 22 inch version and the large 28 inch version. As a carry on bag only the 22 inch version might be accepted. We say might because 22 inch really is the upper limit for carry on luggage. The advantage here is that it’s a duffel bag which means that you could probably get away with it because it’s flexible in size.

It gets an overall rating of 4 out of 5 from buyers which means it’s a decent product. Also let’s face it, Samsonite didn’t become famous for making crap. It has it’s brand name to defend. And in this case Samsonite does justice to it’s famous name.

The biggest 3 advantages are the fact that it’s very cheap, soft side and this flexible in size and lightweight. The fact that it is a rolling bag is just another advantage. Don’t hesitate any longer, for this little money you shouldn’t doubt.