• Weight
  • Size
  • Sturdiness
  • Price
Pros: Spinner luggage 4 multidirectional wheels
Cons: Stability problems

Looking to travel without hassle? Then this bagge is your ideal travel companion. It looks stunning, rolls easy, isn’t heavy and it’s from a famous brand. What more can you want? It is made from high quality polyester which makes it robust. It has also extra corner protectors and wheels that roll smoothly on any type of surface. Not convicend yet of this Samsonite luggage? Just look at its stunning features below!


Specificiations of the Samsonite Liftwo Spinner Luggage

Samsonite Liftwo Spinner

  • Made from 400D x 360D polyester which is an artificial fiber.
  • 4 spinner wheels (multi-directional wheels)
  • Upright suitcase that is easy roll forward in this position (no weight on your arm)
  • Softside luggage
  • Telescopic handle with push button to choose the height.
  • The lightest Samsonite soft side bag
  • High quality nylon interior lining.
  • Tie down straps that form a cross.
  • Large mesh pocket on the interior side of the Liftwo which is ideal for putting away a shirt.
  • DIfferent pockets and compartments are closed with zippers.
  • 2 pockets on the front (a large one and a small one)
  • You have the choice between orange zest, black, red & blue
  • Very light suitcase(6.5 pounds)
  • Size: 20.8″ x 15″ x 8″
  • Withing size limits and this a carry on luggage
  • Carry handles on top and side of the Samsonite Liftwo

Buyer Reviews

When reviewing a carry on luggage it’s important we let people comment on it. They used it to travel around the world, so they can give us first hand information about the bag. Below you will find some positive reviews:

This Samsonite luggage exceeds all of my expectations! It’s lightweight and the wheels move smoothly through all airports – even carpeted ones. There are not a lot of pockets inside, which don’t bother me because I don’t use them. The inside is roomy and I’ve had plenty of room for up to 5 days of travel in there!

I’ve packed a week’s worth of clothes into this thing and still had room for more. Fits in the airline overhead with room to spare. Can’t think of a thing wrong with it…

A super light and super packable carry-on suitcase. Has an amazing amount of room. I could fit all I needed for a ten day trip overseas (I do pack light, but still…). And it does fit in overhead bins nicely.

Not all people were so happy about the Samsonite Liftwo. Look at what some of these unhappy buyers had to say about it:

Compared to the cheaper luggage my friends used – this piece proved to be money wasted. It kept falling over when stood up; the wheels did not flow in the proper direction & it was difficult to move forward on all 4 wheels.

when filled the bag tips forward easily, and does not seem very stable. The wheels are also not very sturdy as they have trouble moving across carpet and those moving walkways of airports. The bag pulls in a way where my wrist was really hurting from guiding it.

It’s nice and tough. but it does seem to have a little stability. when putting the boarding bag on it, it tends to tip over

Conclusion of the Samsonite Liftwo spinner luggage

Samsonite is a famous brand in the luggage market. It’s worldwide known for making high quality suitcases and the Samsonite Liftwo Spinner isn’t an exception. The bag is available in 3 size versions: 21, 25 & 29 inch. However you have to add an additional 2 inch for the wheels so it could be that the Samsonite Liftwo 21 inch spinner luggage isn’t allowed on the aircraft as carry on. It depends on how strict the airline you fly with is. It has a splendid design and is available in multiple colors.

The only downside is that according to some reviews it has stability problems and tends to tip over. However the overall rating is so high that it seems most customers are very satisfied with the Samsonite Liftwo spinner bag they bought. It’s a bit higher in price than other carry on luggages but you buy the brand name of course. And Samsonite has a high reputation to live up to so they can”t afford making a bad one. All this tells us it’s a bag worth buying!