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Pros: Within the most size limits for a carry on luggage. Hard side luggage which protects your belonging. Easy to move around with 4 spinner wheels. 3 year warranty.
Cons: The red Rockland luggage has a pink interior. Not so sturdy telescopic handle. Rubber smell according to buyers.

Going abroad or somewhere closeby? Either case this carry on bag is your ideal travel companion. The Rockland Melbourne 20 inch Expandable Abs is small and thus allowed by most airlines as carry on, but it can still pack a lot of stuff. It has a hard shell and is strong that soft shell luggage. With 4 wheels it’s easy to roll aboard your flight and with the top carry handly you can put it in the overhead compartment. It will fit in there without any problems. Travel without hassle. That’s what it’s all about!


Special features of the Rockland Luggage Melbourne 20 inch Expandable Carry on

Rockland Melbourne 20 Inch Expandable Abs Carry On Luggage

  • The material used to construct this bag is 100% polycarbonate (plastic in layman’s term).
  • Carry on bag with expandable abs for extra packing space.
  • This abs material (polycarbonate) makes the bag lightweight (7.3 pounds) but still very strong.
  • Because it’s made from plastic it can be machine washed.
  • Dimensions: 20″ high , 13″ wide & 9″ deep.
  • With these dimensions it is a carry on for sure. But if you take the handle into account the it will be 21 3/4″ high and only allowed by certain airlines.
  • Upright suitcase which relieves pressure on your arm when using the telescopic handle to pull it forward.
  • Available in many different colors & horizontal & vetical abs as pattern.
  • Multi-directional spinner wheels that can spin 360 degrees.
  • High maneuverability.
  • Robust chrome pull handle with a push button to lock it in the right position.
  • Hard side luggage and thus much more resistant to damage.
  • Zippered pocket in the interior for small stuff.
  • Lined interior with a zipper closure around it to hod stuff together.
  • To make sure that everything stays in position there is a strap on the inside of the Rokland Melbourne luggage.
    Because it’s a hard shell luggage you can squeeze some more stuff in it without exceeding the size limits imposed by most airlines.

What do customers like and dislike about this Rockland luggage Melbourne

To help anyone who wants to buy this carry on luggage we need to give all the features (as we did above), but also all other information that people who tried this bag out can provide. That’s where the Rockland Melbourne luggage reviews can help you. We gathered some reviews from happy customers first:

I’ve had this suitcase for almost a year now, and I have taken it all over the world: for a week in Italy, two weeks in Panama, and many, many shorter trips. It’s still going strong. The inside pocket tore when I overpacked heels into it, but that really was my fault, not the suitcase. The frame has been extremely durable, and I do not go easy on my stuff. The body is a little scuffed, but otherwise it’s in great shape.

I am absolutely in love with this piece of luggage. It’s so light weight and moves with ease.

This little thing is the best! Very roomy, glides like a swan, I didn’t even have to drag it… Just lightly pushed it along in front if me. No back pain, no fatigue from lugging it around. Got the bright orange one, people on the plane were asking who made it. It just slides right into the overhead compartment with such ease. I was laughing to myself at people punching their hefty, obviously too large, suitcases into the compartment.

I travel a lot and was struggling with balancing packing needs with increased airline space constraints. This bag answers every need. It is spacious but compact, easy to maneuver (even for a wimp), sturdy and cute as can be.

It is a good looking piece of luggage, and is better than I expected. Very roomy, with compartments for convenience.

Of course we wouldn’t be impartial if we only mentioned what happy customer had to say. So here are some remarks form unhappy buyers:

The exterior is an attracctive, textured and striped black design. In one month of usage I have not scratches or nicks.

But, this is a big but, after one month of use, roughly 3 airline trips, one of the wheels has failed and now wobbles such that I cannot push it along on four wheels. After less than 30 days, the bag is now in effect useless for me.

Telescoping handle is cheaply made and wobbles, feels like it will break any minute. On our first day of vacation the handle on the suitcase broke off as my husband put it in the shuttle. Hmmm, not a good sign! On the fourth day the fabric of the zipper started ripping.

There is a heavy rubber smell to the suitcase. I had to air it out before I could use it. The first time I used it the handle got stuck in the upright position and I could not push it down. I was a problem on the plane with space because I couldn’t put in the proper way because of the handle. I hate the suitcase, don’t buy it.

The wheels on this piece of luggage don’t roll. The luggage is useless for its intended purpose. It has no business being sold. I have no qualms with the provider of this item. They have been very responsive, but the product is a disaster. My recommendation is to buy ABS luggage from a different manufacturer.

It’s a nice suitcase but when we opened it, to our surprise, the lining is PINK POLKA DOTS!! We looked all over the internet and could not find one single picture of the inside of the red suitcase. Lame.

Bottom Line of the Rockland Melbourne 20 Expandable Carry-on

This polycarbonate bag has a more than decent rating of 4 out of 5. 400 buyers can’t be wrong. Is it it the best bag out there? Probably not. BUT it is one of the smaller ones and thus most certainly accepted by most airlines as a carry on. Also it has a hard case made from polycarbonate which makes it less prone to damage when they throw your bags out and in the plane.

The cool features (such as 4 spinner wheels) make it easy in use and the price is not that high. The Rockland Melbourne Luggage is all together one of our favorites in the carry on luggage scene.