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Pros: Extremely cheap. A lot of ways to take it on your trip: Shoulder strap, carry handle, telescopc handle. Expandable packing space. A lot of beautiful patterns to choose from.
Cons: Polyester could rip. Smelly according to some people.

Going somewhere soon? Then you’ll need luggage you can trust and won’t wear off fast. This Rockland luggage on wheels has a robust construction that will go with you anywhere and anytime. You can pull it over any terrain and if needed you can carry it without lifting much weight. It’s so very light!

You want that your luggage stands out at baggage claim? Then with 20+ different patterns you will certainly find one that sticks out of the rest at the airport. You will never want to go away without it anymore.

You can use it for domestic travel or a vacation abroad. It is suitable for any kind of travel due to all it’s remarkable features you’ll get to know below.


Features of the Rockland Luggage 22 Inch Rolling Duffle

Rockland Luggage 22 Inch Rolling Duffle Bag

  • For people who love fashion and colours there are more than 20 different patterns and colors.
  • Completely made out of strong 600 denier polyester.
  • It can be machine washed.
  • Rolling duffel.
  • 2 big inline skate wheels that roll smoothly.
  • Very sturdy zipper for heavy use.
  • U-shaped zipper closuse on top which opens up quickly. It is also easy for packing and unpacking.
  • 4 side pockets with zipper. Two on each side.
  • Made by Rockland.
  • Retractable telescopic handle to pull it around the airport with you.
  • Completly lined interior.
  • The underside has a plastic foot which protects the polyester from damage.
  • Soft side luggage, thus felixble in size. Expandable in size.
  • Size: 22″ height x 12″ wide x 11″ depth
  • Extremele lightweight: Only 4,6 pounds!
  • Extended carry handle with velcro closure.
  • Shoulder strap.

What do buyers have to say about this Rockland luggage

Most people who bought this bag were very satisfied. So most buyers gave positive reviews about the Rockland luggage 22 inch rolling duffle bag:

Now that I have had this bag for an adquate amount of time, I can truly say it is AMAZING and an incredible value. Similar bags cost a lot more and I doubt if they can perform better. I have taken this bag to Nigeria and on countless domestic trips packed to the GILLS to avoid having to check and it has held up very well. I love all the pockets and the zippers are VERY strong…I have packed up to 2 weeks worth of clothes into this bag and, best of all, even when totally stuffed, it has always fit into overhead bins, even on fairly small planes.

Bought these in three different colors/styles for my three older girls, and they love them. Very easy to pack, and unpack. Easy to roll around, easy to see what’s inside when packed. Lots of great pockets and not too heavy. They can be folded/ collapsed down for easy storage. We used them on family vacation for three years in a row on car trips, and hotels. They held up surprisingly well for the price paid. We plan on using them again for vacation this summer. The construction is sturdy with reinforced stitching and piping on all the corners.

The material feels strong and thick enough where it wont tare. Its a perfect size for a weeks worth of clothing for adults and is easy to roll, even for kids. Plenty of pockets and the handle has a zipper flap to hide it when folded down. All the colors are better than the pictures, more vibrant for the pinks and whites. I would recommend for any traveler.

This great little rolling duffle held up really well with abusive treatment on my recent trip in Italy. It rolled for miles on rough cobblestone streets with no damage. I accidentally sat it in a puddle and no water came through. It is the right size for a carry-on (at least with the airline I flew), and I could really stuff it full. I highly recommend this little duffle bag. Price was great too.

My daughter loves this bag . It has plenty of room , rollers work great . It seems to be well constructed. She will use this bag for many years.

We had to look hard, but we found some less satisfied buyers who spilled their guts about this purchase. Here’s what the negative points were according to them:

The bottom of the bag broke and one the wheels sank into the bag. CHEAPLY MADE. My search for a rolling duffel bag with a shoulder strap continues.

It’s kinda scary when there’s a warning on the bag about a dangerous chemical in the product you just ordered! It’s a smelly one. It does not work as a carry on. If you want a cheaply made duffle bag with harmful chemicals, this is your bag!

The bag ripped within only a couple of uses. If you roll it, it can scrape the ground quite easily and tear, damaging the contents inside. I bought this a few weeks ago – I now need a new bag and had an expensive pair of shoes scuffed up (ruined) by contact with the sidewalk.

Seams fell apart after first use. It was a pity too because the design was beautiful and I was looking forward to using it for a long time.

I am so disappointed! I bought two of these bags for a trip to Africa. They arrived in plenty of time. They packed well! Loved all of the pockets. Seemed like a well made bag. Fast forward to our trip. One bag started ripping during the trip. Buy the time we arrived home that same bag had a huge hole and a broken wheel!

Bottom line Rockland Luggage 22 Inch Rolling Duffle Bag

It has  more than 700 reviews of which most of them extremely positive. So many satisfied buyers that must be for a reason! This Rockland duffel has it all: strong polyester construction, carry handles, big wheels for easy rolling, 4 additional side pockets for additional packing space and so many more great features.

This rolling duffle is dirt-cheap, will last long, has great movability and is extremely lightweight which is perfect as carry-on!