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User Rating: 0.3 (15 votes)
Pros: Cheap price. 4 wheels for superior mobility. Perfect as carry on luggage. Multiple colors to choose from.
Cons: Quality isn't top notch. Wheels wobble.

Looking for a suitcase that doesn’t cost much, is made well and easy to move around? Then this Rockland spinner luggage is the ideal candidate. It has all the features of the bigger brands in it, but the price is way less.

Need a luggage for your next trip that you can take with you as a carry on? Then with this 19 inch spinner you will have no problems on most airlines. Don’t wait, just order it now, so you’ll get it in time before your next vacation!


Specifics Rockland Luggage 19 Inch Expandable Spinner Carry On

Rockland Luggage 19 Inch Expandable Spinner Carry On

  • Made from polyester
  • Available in different colors: Orang, black, grey, charcoal, blue, red, turquoise, purple and pink.
  • Made by Rockland. Namelabel on the front side.
  • On the front side there are 2 big zippered pockets.
  • Spinner carry on with 4 skate wheels that can turn 360 degrees.
  • Fully lined interior.
  • Expandable in depth from 8 inch to 10 inch.
  • Size: 19″ height, 14″width, 8″ depth.
  • Suitable as carry on luggage.
  • Carry handles mounted on top and on the left side.
  • Large U-shaped opening of the bag with 2 zippers.
  • Telescopic handle with a push button to set the height to roll it around comfortable.
  • Upright suitcase which can stand vertically without any problem.
  • Strengthened bottom corners.
  • Dimensions: 19-inch carry-on upright: 19 inch height, 14 inch width, 8 -10 inch depth expandable
  • Weighs 8 pounds.

Reviews about this Rockland carry on luggage

A lot of people already bought a piece of Rockland luggage. Some of them purchased this 19 inch expandable spinner carry on and were very satisfied with it. These are some of their positive reviews:

This is smaller than I expected but hey…the size of luggage that you’re allowed to “carry on” is shrinking as well. It does meet the exact measurements as stated, it just looked small to me. However, it does have an expander zip top that can be used if needed. The spinner wheels are great — I’m always trying to get around in and out of tight spots so this is good to have and not flip your suitcase over. The extender handle goes up and down nicely. I’m happy with my purchase.

I was looking for a bag that I could carry on the plane that would be large enough for me (a guy) to pack for a 3 day trip.
This bag was perfect for that.
It fits easily in the overhead bins, and rolls easily across the many surfaces of the airport.

I always wanted a carryon this size. I hope it is sturdy enough to withstand all the abuse on the plane with all the shifting in the compartment.

Other people were unsatisfied with their bag and posted some negative reviews about their purchase:

Poor wheel design. The wheels wobbled and would not spin correctly right out of the box.

Poor finish
wheels wobble
faulty extendable arm

No pockets for laptops or anything else on the inside.

Our conclusion about this Rockland luggage

Rockland is a well-known luggage and bag manufacturer that is building its reputation in the market. More and more people will buy this brand as they continue to construct better luggage. This one is ideal as a carry on bag thanks to its 19″ size. Even with the wheels and handle included it’s still within the allowed size limits on most flights. It moves easily on any surface and has a rigid construction.

Most reviews are positive, however there are some negative ones regarding the quality of this product. But price/quality wise it’s a good buy. So if you don’t want to spend a lot of money, this Rockland spinner suitcase is your ideal carry on!