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Pros: Cute as hell! Many cool patterns to choose from. Kids love it! The ideal gift. Wheeled bag with 4 wheels that roll easily. Real carry-on. Sturdy: Suitcase with hard shell and extra reinforcements on the corners.
Cons: According to some it has a chemical smell. The handle doesn't retract very well.

Looking for a gift for your daugther? Then Rockland 20 inch polycarbonate carry on will turn a smile on her face. There are 8 patterns to choose from and some of them are really cute. Rockland isn’t the biggest or most famous luggage manufacterer but they do have some reputation. This polycarbonate bag is durable and lightweight which makes it ideal for kids. But also older people can choose one of the patterns not meant for kids if they wish. Don’t wait just check out the specifics and you’ll be convinced.


Overview of the Rockland 20 inch polycarbonate carry on

rockland polycarbonate luggage

  • Fully made from the polycarbonate ABS. So it’s a plastic luggage.
  • Weighs very light, only 6.5 pounds.
  • Hard sided luggage.
  • Different patterns to choose from: Owl, Crocodile, Snake & many more.
  • Can be machine washed.
  • Rolling bag with 4 multi-directional wheels that can spin in any direction.
  • High movability due to the fact it’s a spinner bag.
  • Durable luggage.
  • Telescopic handle made from aluminium or chrome with a push button to lock it.
  • Size: 20″ high, 13″ wide, 10″ deep.
  • Withing size limits for a carry on.
  • Beautiful interior lining with a cool pattern.
  • The interior has a mesh zip pocket.
  • Inside there is also a seperate zip pocket and another space with a zipper.
  • There is also a crossed strap-on to keep your belonging in the right position during flight.
  • Carry handles on the top and the side.
  • It is opened by zipper.
  • Corner protectors for extra reinforcement.

Reviews of this Rockland Polycarbonate Luggage

This polycarbonate luggage has been bought many times already. There are lots of of people who reviewed it. On average it has a extremely high score but as you know there are always people nitpicking. Before you making any buying decision you should read what other people found of it. If you’re still convinced then you’re good to go. Let’s start with some positive Rockland Polycarbinate reviews:

1. good designs
2. a good size, not too big for the kids and at the same time, not too small
3. has 4 wheels – this is a big plus.
4. light weight

The suitcase is everything I was looking for: carry-on size, cheap, attractive, durable (so far, anyway; I’ve used it only twice). Also, the suitcase is quite lightweight and rolls smoothly on its 4 wheels. Overall, the suitcase feels remarkable sturdy for the price I paid.

Fantastic 4 wheel rollers, great graphics, and so lightweight!

Love this item. Bought as a gift for my daughter for Christmas. She loved it. Perfect size for carry-on bag.

Bought it for my daughter and she love it…easy to carry, fits well in airplane and hold more than what I expected.

Only mentioning the good things people had to say about it would be really one-sided. So here are some negative experiences people had with this Rockland carry-on:

While it rolls effortlessly, the handle had to be shoved really hard to be stowed away. Since I bought it for my 6-year-old daughter, it is doubly terrible since she can’t do it herself, and defeats the point of having your own suitcase.

The handle broke in 6 months. Its a nice bag for kids but it won’t last you more than a few moths.

This luggage was cute and smooth rolling, but the handle wouldn’t retract reliably, even on the second try after unpacking :( The pins allowing the handle to move (or not) wouldn’t fully retract in many cases when the button on the handle was pushed.

The wheels work great, my 5-year old can pull or push it well, it’s cute as a button. In short, it’s very functional. However, it smells VERY strongly of plastic. My husband, who is usually not sensitive to plastic smells, agreed that it was shockingly smelly. When we got to our location on our trip, we couldn’t have it in our room with us. We had to leave it outside. 6 months later, it still smells.

It is adorable looking but it doesnt look like it is well made or durable.

Summary Rockland luggage 20 inch polycarbonate carry on

With an overall buyer rating of 4.5 out of 5 based on more than 400 reviews this polycarbonate carry on is a fantastic product. There are some negative comments about the odor and the telescopic handle. These seem to be single cases because most reviewers didn’t mention these problems. However we mention it because we want to give a complete pictures about the pros and cons of this item.

It has loads of positive remarks about the different designs that are available. Kids love them but adults too. Other great features include the sturdiness due to the hard case and reinforced corners and the reasonable price.

It’s a ligthweight and durable polycarbonate bag that is easy to carry with the handles, but also easy to roll on any type of surface. Those 4 spinner wheels make it very movable. It’s also a carry on with it’s 20 inch in height. In short we can say it’s just awesome!