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Pros: Low price. 2 bags. Small enough to be a carry on luggage.
Cons: Zipper is not so strong. No spinner wheels.

Why buy a single luggage when you can have 2 bags for the same price as 1? That’s the case with this Rockland 2 Piece Luggage Set. The luggage set exists out of 2 bags: a rolling suitcase and a handbag. Both are considered carry-ons and both are soft sided. You have a lot of different patterns and colors to pick from and both will be in the same color and pattern so they are a perfect match when you take them both on your trip.


Details of the Rockland 2 Piece Luggage Set

Rockland 2 piece luggage set

  • This Rocklande luggage set is made from 100% polyester.
  • You get a 2 wheeled rolling luggage and a smaller duffle bag that is easy to carry around.
  • 2 compatible bags for a price that is even lower than most other single bags. For that price their is no risk in a bag buy.
  • Both bags are within the size limits of a carry on. Even if one isn’t allowed by the airline you could still take the small handbag as carry on luggage with you.
  • The bigger rolling luggage has 2 skate wheels. These are sturdy but not multi-directional.
  • Both bags have full lining.
  • The larger luggage has 2 carry handles, one of top and one of the side.
  • There are 2 front pockets on the rolling luggage and 1 on the smaller item of the Rockland luggage set.
  • Both bags have a zipper closure.
  • Extra packing space possible because it is soft sided luggage and thus stretchable.
  • The larger one has a telescopic handle on top which makes it easy to roll around.
  • Because it has only 2 wheels you can’t roll it upright, but you will need to roll it at a certain angle.
  • Very lightweight (only 7 pounds for the large piece).
  • Size: 21″ x 14″ x 9″ for the large rolling luggage.
  • Available in many colors and patterns both for men and women

People their opinion about this bag

Most buyers have checked reviews before making a purchase. It’s a wise thing to do and everyone should do this. You can discover things that you wouldn’t have thought important to you but actually are. For example the fact that wheels add extra inch or that the carry handles are not that soft. These are things you can only find out from people who bought the product already. That’s why we will mention some Rockland luggage reviews for this 2 piece luggage set. Let’s start with some positive buyers:

This luggage is perfect for the infrequent flyer for sure. It fit in the overhead rack perfectly and the smaller bag fit under the seat in front of you with room to spare. Held enough clothing for a 5 day casual trip and was easy moving through a crowded airport. Great value for the money.

Perfect size for carry on. Fit in all baggage compartments.

This suitcase was a great buy. It is smaller than most carry-on suitcases, so you don’t have to worry whether it will fit in the over-head bins. The colors look like the colors online. It is very light, even when filled with clothes. It is not very thick material, so I do not know how long it will last me, but it’s a good and cheap buy for a small suitcase.

Bought 2 different color sets of these for my husband and I for our first Disney World trip and after reading the reviews I was hesitant, but when they arrived and after using them for 10 days I would have to say they worked out GREAT! We had no problems at all with these sets of luggage and the prices were better than other places.

I bought this for my wife before taking a trip. We were both pleasantly surprised at the quality, strength and look of the luggage.

Now it’s time to post some negative things that people had to say about this rockland luggage 2 piece set so we get the whole picture:

Bought it for traveling to Europe as carry on luggage. They look cute, the size of the carry on is according to airlines standards. The hand bag is perfect to fit in my netbook, scarf, phone and more. Good buy. One star less for the carry on not being spinner and tending to bend over when too full.

This suitcase came with a broken telescoping handle (one side wasn’t connected) that ended up getting lost during a flight.

I took the wheeled case on a business trip-great size, easy to handle. 2nd business trip, less than a month later, zipper broke. I had taken the smaller case as my carryon. That zipper broke too. Both zippers just came off in my hand, but both cases were zipped. Go figure.

The handle would not retract after the first time I extended it. Luckily this happened at home instead of while I was travelling, but I would recommend looking elsewhere for dependable luggage.

It appeared smaller than I expected when I removed it from the box. Also, when I went to pull the handle it broke–not too sturdy i would not recommend this item.

Final word about the Rockland 2 piece luggage set

Overall this bag gets a high buyer rating (around 4.2 on 5). However there are some drawbacks according to some reviews: the chemical odor, telescopic handle that breaks off and the supposedly poor quality zippers.

We do have to mention that most people didn’t mention any of these issues and were satisfied with their purchase of this Rockland carry on luggage. Maybe the biggest advantage is the price. Even if it’s not what you expected it to be you didn’t lose much money at least. Check the pros and cons before buying this Rockland 2 piece luggage set.