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Pros: Lightweight luggage. 8 pockets for easy organization. Easy packing and unpacking thanks to the zippers.
Cons: Has the tendency to tip over. No hard bottom, so fabric could get ripped at the bottom.

Planning a vacation soon and in need of a new carry on luggage? Then why not try the Olympia 22″ 8 Pocket rolling duffle. It has 8 pockets and is roomy enough to pack for a short trip. It is also the ideal carry-on size so you could also use it this way. Most airlines will accept it because it’s around the size restrictions of a carry-on and it is not a hard shell. This soft side Olympia duffle features a lot of great qualities which we listed below.


Features Olympia luggage 22″ 8 pocket rolling duffel bag

Olympia Luggage 22 inch 8 Pocket Rolling Duffel Bag

  • There is a 22, 26, 29 and 33″ version of this olympia rolling duffel.
  • Fully made from 1200 denier polyester called “Protectflon”.
  • 2 wheeled rolling duffel bag with inline skate wheels.
  • This Olympia luggage needs to be hand washed.
  • Size: 22″ high x 12″ wide x 12″ depth.
  • Upright duffel bag with a front foot.
  • Retractable pull handle.
  • Weighs extremely light: 5.4 pounds.
  • Placeholder id on top of the bag when standing upright.
  • 8 zippered pockets: 1 main pocket, 1 top pocket, 6 side pockets (2 on each side of the Olympia)
  • The main compartment has a U-shape opening which helps to pack and unpack faster.
  • Top carry handle.
  • 2 plastic spheres on the bottom of the duffle so the fabric wouldn’t touch the ground.
  • Elongated handle to carry it horizontally.
  • Available in many colors: Black, red, navy and pink are just some of those colors.

What customers said about the Olympia 22 rolling duffel bag

There are a couple of olympia duffel bags in the market. These rollaboards are popular and lots of people have bought them. Below we mention some of the positive reviews for the 22 inch version:

This bag is well made – fabric is strong, balance is steady when bag is filled and the handle and wheels work perfectly. Rails for the handle do not take up much space in the interior. Outer pockets are well distributed. This 22″ bag is light weight and the right size for an airplane overhead compartment.

I travel every weekend for work and this bag fits all the requirements of what I needed. I can shove so much into this bag that it takes three people to zip. The zippers laugh at me and ask me if that’s all I got. A big plus is all those side pockets.

This is a great bag for short trips. It’s shape gives more room than other duffel type bags and the u-shaped top opening makes packing easy. The many outside pockets are a bonus! When fully loaded it will easily stand on end with the handle extended. Rolls well and has built-in exterior handles for easy lifting. No negatives that I can see.

This bag is fantastic. We stuff it full of things and drag it all over the place including on camping trips. We’re not easy on our luggage but so far this is holding up great. I like that it has wheels, the pull-out handle and a rigid base.

Have used it more than a dozen times for 3 day business trips. Can easily hold all the stuff that I need over those three days, and fits vertically in the overhead bins of all the small jets (B737, B757, A319/320). More than worth the sub $30 price that I paid for it.

Of course for some people the  duffle was not what they expected. Their review was negative about the Olympia wheeled duffel:

Also, it would be helpful if the bottom had a plastic or otherwise hard bottom because from wheeling it regularly, the fabric on the bottom gets ripped when you are pulling the bag up curbs or stairs. As soon as I can find my warranty paperwork, I will contact the mfr about replacement.

Bought 3 of these specifically because they were categorized under carry on luggage. American made us check them! They were fine otherwise – held enough stuff for 4 people on a 4 day trip. I found all the pockets to be a nuisance – couldn’t remember where I put what so had to open all of them. Would be more helpful to have just 1 or 2 extra pockets.

The bag does not appear that it willl last very long. The stitching in areas are already pulling at the seams. I am very disappointed in the quality and want to know how to go about returning.

Great price, good quality fabric, lots of pockets, nice wheels, etc. The only problem this bag had was when I had to stop rolling it and do something/let go of the handle, it would fall over onto it’s top. It was very frustrating when I was in lines at the airport or wherever, it would tip over and hit people with the handle I was using to pull it with.

It’s only been three months and already the fabric around the zipper has ripped making it impossible for the duffel bag to zip all the way closed. Our son was not exactly gentle with it, but I was hoping it would last longer than three months.

Summary Olympia rolling duffel

This Olympia Luggage 22″ 8 Pocket Rolling Duffel Bag has a 4.2 rating out of 5. Over 200 buyers can’t be wrong about this Olympia luggage. They like the fact that it has so many room and pockets, but still a perfect-size carry on. Looking for a duffle bag? Then look no further and get this one. You won’t be dissapointed!