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Pros: Good price. Sturdy shell which protects your belongings. Carry on luggage allowed by most airlines.
Cons: Flimsy telescopuic handle. Zipper tends to break. Not very roomy.

When going on vacation it’s important that you can relax. It starts with going to the airport and checking in. No one wants to be at the airport and encounter any problems with their luggage. This Kenneth Cole Reaction luggage Check It Out Carry on is the ideal bag to take with you. It rolls easy thanks to the spinner wheels and has an easy to use telescopic handle. Thanks to the abs material it’s robust like a hard side luggage, but still lightweight!


Specifications of the Kenneth Cole Reaction Luggage

Kenneth Cole Reaction Luggage Check It Out Carry on

  • This bags is mainly (95%) constructed out of Acrylonitrile butadiene styrene or ABS. A small part (5%) is made from hardware.
  • Hard side luggage.
  • It should be hand washed to prevent damage.
  • Size: 20″ high x 12.6″ wide x 9″ deep
  • Weight: 7 pounds.
  • Made from lightweight and durable ABS material.
  • The lid of the bag had a long zipper around it.
  • Easy to carry by hand because of the top and side handles.
  • Corner protectors to better protect the bag against impact.
  • Upright suitcase.
  • 4 wheeled bag with spinner wheels that can go in any direction.
  • There are 4 bezels on one of the sides so you can put the bag on this side.
  • Retractable pull handle with a push button to lock it.
  • The interior is fully lined.
  • Zipper pockets in the interior.
  • Available in 3 colors: Grey, Blue and Pink
  • Real size including wheels, handles and bezels: 21.75″  high x 15.25″ wide x 9.0″ deep

Kenneth Cole Reaction Luggage Reviews

There are no products without any flaws and this is just the same with a luggage. There are always things that could have been better such as the material, price, features, etc. However sometimes multiple persons complain about the same issues. That’s why product feedback is so important. We digged up some new and old Kenneth Cole luggage reviews and found some positive things worth mentioning:

We bought a pair of these cases because they were one of the only ones we could find that satisfied almost all countries guidelines for on-board luggage.
We thought it would not hold as much as we wanted but better than having to check the bag unexpectedly. We were quite surprised that they fit everything better than the larger cases they replaced.
Nicely designed, more attractive in person than the pictures, and it also rolls better than the last ones we had which cost more.
Great case for the price.

– small enough by any airlines requirements
– appears very high end, particularly given its reasonable price
– great individual compartments for packing different types of items
– wheels swivel 360 degrees for great mobility

Overall, the suitcase feels very nice. I feel like I got a lot of quality for a low price and am so far very happy with my purchase. It moves very smoothly and the handles are very nice. The top compartment zips off very nicely for a space for shoes (since it is closed off from the rest of the bag) and then anything else you’d like such as cords, socks, your bag of liquids, or other toiletries.

This luggage worked perfectly for a recent trip to Peru, we packed enough clothes for 5 days. Small zippered pouch inside worked well for keys, passport copies and other small items. We carried it on every plane with out problem, it was perfect going through the airports, wheels held up, didn’t tip when we stacked on backpacks. Fit nicely in taxi cabs. Very happy with this product.

It’s constructed VERY well, stylish, light, easy to carry and pull even when completely stuffed with clothes, toiletries, and presents from travels. I highly recommend this case to anyone looking for a great suitcase

Also some people weren’t very happy with their purchase when we worked our way through the many Kenneth Cole Reaction luggage reviews out there:

Was only able to use the case one time. The telescopic handle failed on my return trip.

The handle is getting stuck and cannot be easily collapsed. The button is constantly getting stuck. This has never happened to me even with suitcases that cost <$20.
The handle is very flimsy and wobbly while carrying the suitcase. It feels very cheap.
The zipper on mine seemed torn on the inside, which can easily cause the suitcase to open.

Inner compartment tore the very first time i used it which was one day after i received it. Piece of s***.

Much smaller than expected. The handle is flimsy and doesn’t pull out or retract smoothly. I was afraid it would break at any moment. Returned it.

It’s a decent bag, albeit a little small. I can’t imagine getting more than 2-3 days worth of clothing in it – especially if you want to bring an extra paid of shoes. What I will say however is that the zipper is a little flimsy. Granted, I had it packed pretty full, but the zipper broke on me while I was out of town and I ended up having to buy a new bag and leave this one at the hotel.

Our Conclusion about this Kenneth Cole Reaction Suitcase

Kenneth Cole isn’t the most famous brand but they sure produce decent bags. The only disadvantages according to some buyers are the fragile zippers and telescopic handles. However the overall rating is very high and most people were very positive about the Kenneth Cole Reaction luggage they bought. Do you want a lightweight carry on luggage which is still very impact resistant due to a hard shell and reinforced corners? Then this bag is the ideal candidate!