• Weight
  • Size
  • Sturdiness
  • Price
Pros: Expandable luggage. Available in light blue which makes it easier to collect your luggage in the airport because it stand out. Tie down straps to hold your clothes in place. Reinforced corners. Lightweight luggage.
Cons: Not within the dimensions of a carry-on if you count the wheels. Not a famous brand.

When people are looking for a new carry on bag they usually look at 3 things: How does it look? What are its features? And from what brand is it?

The Delsey Helium Sky Carry on expandable spinner suiter trolley looks fantastic, has some stunning features, but the brand is not so well known in the US. Brands like Samsonite and Travelpro have an advantage with their brand recognition.

On the other hand Delsey is not a new player in the luggage market. They were actually one of the first to produce luggage and have been in that market for more than 60 years. They’re a French firm and have a whole bunch of travel fans in Europe.


Specifics of the Delsey Helium Sky Carry-On expandable Spinner Suiter Trolley

Delsey Helium Sky Luggage

  • It is made from 100% micro ballistic fabric. This makes the Delsey Helium Sky luggage durable and very light.
  • Interior made from fabric lining
  • Multiple zipper closures for different compartments
  • Lightweight luggage
  • Suitable as carry on bag according to its size 9″ x 20.5″ x 13.5″. However if you take the wheels into account this becomes 23″ so some airlines might not allow it as a carry on.
  • Can expand an extra 2 inches in depth
  • 3 size versions of this helium sky luggage: 21, 25 & 29 inch in height.
  • You get a warranty of 10 years on this Delsey Helium sky carry on
  • Luggage with 4 wheels. There is a 2 wheeled version of the Delsey Helium also.
  • Upright carry-on
  • Pull handle that can be locked at 2 different heights.
  • Plastic protectors on the corners of the bag
  • Multiple tie down straps to make sure your clothes stay in their original position
  • Softsided luggage
  • Top carry handle & side carry handle
  • Available in light blue and black

What did buyers say about the Delsey Helium Sky carry on bags

The overall rating of the Delsey Helium Sky Carry on is more than 4 out of 5. So we can be sure that most people were satisfied with what the bag they bought. Below we gathered what satisfied customers had to say about the Delsey Helium Sky:

This is one of the finest carry-on luggage that I have ever seen. I was amazed at all the great features. It is easy to use with all kinds of pockets, hardware and room in such an average-sized carry-on.
Not only very useful for travel carry-on, I use it to carry books and other things for travelling around my city.

Overall, this luggage seems to be fine for travel. I also liked the bright blue color (as most of the bags now a day are black), easy to spot in the carousel.

Moving past the basics, the handle slides up and down smoothly. The wheels make this suitcase a dream to handle. The interior, which can expand by two inches, has lots of room for clothing, toiletries, etc. My wife took this suitcase for a week long trip, and she had plenty of room for a week of clothing. It is really hard to find fault with that. Sure, some of the pockets are small, but everyone has those small items that need just a small pocket, and they are available in this suitcase.

Lightweight, practical, and worth the money… 4 wheel design makes it easy to maneuver…Would recommend to all my fellow travelers…

Of course there are always people who are unhappy with their purchase. They are evenly important and below we’ll share their reviews of this suitcase:

I believe this exceeds most airlines (if not all) carry on measurements. I don’t know (since I don’t fly much) if you have “wiggle room” and can “get away” with having a slightly bigger bag or not. If not, you may not want to purchase this as a carry on.

Just FYI, the manufacturer’s measurements does not include the wheels. Sadly, the wheels put it over many airlines max size for a carry-on. It is a great little suitcase, but as I purchased it for a carry-on, I will be returning it.

It’s a nice piece of luggage but a few parts seem a little cheap. I find the zippers don’t zip easily or smoothly.

Design improvement: The wheels. The spinner design with 4 wheels is definitely an improvement over the older two wheels. BUT they add significant length to the bag. Seems to me to be a doable engineering problem to make the wheels retract into the bag.

Bottom line

If you don’t care about a brand, but only about the facts then this Delsey Helium Sky Luggage might be your cup of tea. It has remarkable features and a great design. Some negative points are the wheels that add another 2 inch to the length of the luggage which puts it above the carry on size limits. For those that don’t like 4 spinner wheels there’s also a 2 wheeled version of this Delsey luggage.