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Pros: Soft sided duffel bag which allowed for extra packing space when needed. Wheeled duffel. Roomy but still allowed as carry on by most airlines.
Cons: Only 2 wheels. The handle and zippers seem to be the weak spots according to some reviews.

Looking for a duffel bag that can also serve as a carry on luggage? Then the Athalon luggage 21 inch hybrid travelers bag is one of those you should consider to buy. It is a rolling duffle (2 wheels) that is easy to roll on any kind of surface. It is durable and very easy to pack and unpack thanks to the zipper.

Athalon might not be the most famous brand in the luggage scene, but they did a damn good job here. Need a soft-sided carry on then you should go for it!


Specs of the Athalon Luggage 21 Inch Hybrid Travelers Bag

Athalon Luggage 21 Inch Hybrid Travelers Bag

  • Size: 21″ high x 14″ wide x 9″ deep.
  • On the upper limit of the size requirements for a carry-on.
  • Weight: 7.7 pounds. Lightweight, but not the lightest one around.
  • Soft sided carry-on.
  • Duffel bag.
  • Has a front feet on the underside. This allows the it to stand upright without falling over.
  • Closes with a zipper.
  • In-line skate wheels that roll very easily.
  • U-shaped zipper on the front panel which makes it easy to pack and unpack things.
  • For 100% made from polyester.
  • Very durable it properly used.
  • Can be machine washed.
  • Carry handle on the front side and the top.
  • Extra belts on the outside to hold your belongings inside the duffel.
  • The interior contains a zippered mesh pocket.
  • The interior is red.
  • Available in 4 color patters: Grass Green, Black, Graffiti, Lumberjack & Glacier Blue.
  • Tie-down garment straps to keep everything in place.
  • 2 extra zippered pockets on the left and the rigth side.
  • Telescopic handle.

Buyers their opinion about the Athalon Luggage 21 Inch Hybrid Travelers Bag

Because you learn most about a product by using it we tried to assemble some of the most interesting Athalon luggage reviews for this 21 inch Hybrid travelers bag. Here some positive ones:

I used this luggage all through eastern europe. I recommend it for anyone who is is using a carryon. No problems with customs. I found it fabulous.

The bag is large enough to accommodate ‘stuff’ for a 2-3 day trip. The bag has four interior side pockets and three roomy ones along the inside top, one of which is zippered and made of clear plastic. So there’s plenty of room to place shoes, phone cables, toiletries, etc, while leaving plenty of room in the middle for clothes and larger items.

The two zippered pouches on the outside of the bag can be used for storing flat items like magazines or whatever fits, really.

Good luggage. Has been around the world, both carry-on and checked. Fits in over head bins nicely. Very well built, no signs of wear after a full year.

My experience was above expected. Quick delivery, quality,design, and enough room for 10 days of vacation on the beach, hiking, and going out to dinner. No problem with carry on with Delta. One more trip and it pays for itself! I love it.

I was looking for a unique Carrie- on bag that was simple but also had a few compartments to find important items. This Denver based company did a great job. Well built easy to use ,easy to find. Soft shell can be jammed into spaces. Rounded corners but no wasted space also like orange interior and mesh pockets. Handle is concealed in a zippered pocket so not to accidentally extend out. Stands up on own, has wheels . Only thing missing is a owner label window for identification.

Some buyers had a negative experience upon buying this Athalon luggage. Here are some of their reviews:

The handle broke after just a couple of trips. Can’t bring it in or out of its slider compartment.

I bought this after reading tons of rave reviews. I agree with the other reviewers that the bag is nice with many pockets and has quite a bit of room. I was disappointed that there wasn’t a place to nicely pack hanging clothes and I was extremely disappointed that the expanding handle does not smoothly retract back into the bag without a little help in the form of jiggling and manually coaxing. I almost returned the bag just because of the handle issue but will keep it since overall it serves the purpose of a carry-on bag. If I were to do it over again, I would buy a different bag because of the handle issue.

I really wanted to love this bag- great size, good price, seemed durable. On the second time using it, the zipper broke! The bag was by no means overstuffed, so there is no reason the zipper should have broken that easily.

I liked the size, color and style of this bag. I liked the straps you could use to compress and just hold the bag closed better. Thank goodness for these straps, because the main zipper broke on the first leg of my first trip with it. A smaller side zipper also broke. I had high hopes but this bag did not measure up.

This bag broke on our very first trip. The zipper on the top compartment failed and broke, the pull handle of the luggage became very loose and jiggy so we nursed it carefully through our trip. This piece of luggage was a waste of money, and for too much money compared to alternatives.

Summary of this Athalon Luggage

With a high overall rating on Amazon (4.3 out of 5) this product can’t be bad. There are always some people who are unlucky and encounter problems, but in general it seems that Athalon produced a decent duffel. It’s not expensive, it is easy to roll around and even easy to carry it thanks to the top and front carry handles. There are multiple color patterns available which are attractive to most people. One other great feature is that this duffel has a front feet and thus doesn’t tilt over.

In short we can conclude that the the Athalon luggage 21 Inch Hybrid travelers bag is worth it’s money. Just goeasy on the zippers and the handles and it will last a long time!