• Weight
  • Size
  • Sturdiness
  • Price
Pros: Wheeled luggage and thus no need to lift it 2 handles to lift the bag if needed Zipper makes it easy to open and close Expandable packing capacity
Cons: Only available in 2 plain colors Zipper is easily broken according to buyers Really on the limits of being a carry on bag No multi directional wheels

Planning on going abroad and need a new luggage? Then the American tourister luggage splash 21″ upright suitcase might be perfect for you. If you like to travel in style then this will help you a long way. Only a shame that it’s only available in 2 colors.

Thanks to the in-line skate wheels it’s easy to roll around. The fact that you have a top handle and side handly makes it even easy to carry around. However there are a lot more great features which we well mention in detail below.


Features of the American Tourister Luggage Splash 21 inch upright suitcase

American Tourister Luggage Splash 21 Upright Suitcase

  • It’s made from 100% high quality durable polyester
  • Effortless manoeuvrability due to inline skate wheels (not multi-directional)
  • Softsided luggage so prone to damage
  • Suitable as carry on luggage but close to airlines their size limits
  • Should fit in the overhead compartement (but take the wheels into account)
  • Available in 2 colors: Black & Turquoise blue
  • Top carry handle and side carry handle
  • The interior of this bag has multiple pockets
  • The pockets can expand so that you have extra packing space
  • Telescopic handle which makes it easier to roll around
  • The bag has a lined interior
  • On the front there is a large panel and pocket available for additional packing capacity
  • You can open and close the carry on bag with a zipper. This helps to close it when fully packed
  • Weighs 8.2 pounds when empty which is not the lightest carry on bag around
  • Size: 21 inch x 14.5 inch x 8 inch

What do buyers say about the American Tourister Luggage Splash

In general the American Tourister Splash reviews are very positive. We wouldn’t be doing a good job reviewing luggage if we would only mention positive things. Below we’ll start with some of the most positive American Tourister Luggage Splash 21″ upright suitcase reviews:

Love this so far. It holds so much and looks so big that it is hard to believe it is a carry on. But it is and works great!

Perfect size to carry on to the plane. It looks small but is surprisingly deep. I was able to pack 3 days worth of clothes, a gift, my Ugg boots, a pair of dress shoes, and my toiletries and still had plenty of room. There are also a lot of zippers and pockets, which is perfect for me and the way I pack.

Great quality, light weight, the perfect size for all airline carry-ons… what more is there to say?
This is the best purchase I have made in quite a while.

I purchased the suitcase for my grand daughter. Her and her girl friend packed all their clothes into the American Tourister Splash 21, and did not have to sit on it to close it. Books and iPad went on the outside until time to turn in for the flight. It is her first real suitcase and she loves it.

No bag is perfect and so it seems also for this American Tourister Splash 21 carry on bag if we look at some of the negative comments:

This is not a carryon. The gate people do not let you bring it on the plane because its too big. I had to check it on each flight. Totally a bummer. Secondly, when i arrived and picked up the bag (one trip two flights) the bag was ruined. Frayed, ripped torn. First trip. I had to buy a new bag to get home!!

The actual size of this luggage is 21.5 x 14 x 10.5. It’s very deep without even putting anything in the outside pockets, and it is over the size limits for carry-ons at most airlines. I am returning the luggage because I don’t want to be told to check my bag by airlines because it’s too big.

American Tourister famous motto is gorilla tested…Well it may have been gorilla tested but it was not college student tested…the bag frayed very badly on the bottom after a short time in use!

We used this bag two times and the main zipper has separated from the bag, which now leaves the bag useless. This did not live up to the American Tourister reputation that I had heard from others. I would not buy this bag again.

Conclusion of The American Tourister Splash

American Tourister is a renowned brand so you expect quality of course. Overall the American Tourister luggage splash 21″ upright suitcase delivers what it promises. It’s wheeled bag that is easy to move around and is accepted as carry on by most American airlines. However we have to point out that some buyers mentioned that it’s slightly bigger in size than what’s accepted by airlines due to the wheels or when it’s fully packed. So it’s not 100% safe as carry on. However this will only account a small part of travelers if you look at the overal ratings of this bag which are very high.