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Pros: Gets excellent buyers reviews. Lots of packing space. Rolls like a charm with 4 spinner wheels. Easy to carry with top & side carry handles.
Cons: Not as sturdy as other carry ons. Wheels are the weak spot on this bag according to buyers. Including the wheels it's not 100% sure airlines will accept it as carry on.

Whether you travel around the world or just locally you want to have nice looking suitcase. This one is available in 5 different colors so there’s something for everyone. The American Tourister ilite Supreme Spinner 21 is considered a carry on luggage by most airlines.

No worries anymore when you need to pack a little bit heavier on your way back. It has extra packing space with 2 large zippered pockets on the front. It’s easy to take anywhere with you: lightweight, easy to roll in any direction, upright suitcase so no extra weigth on your arm, 2 carry handles, a pull handle and many more features that make this a very easy to use and high quality luggage.


Specifics of the American Tourister ilite Supreme Spinner 21″

American Tourister Luggage Ilite Supreme Spinner 21 inch

  • Is totally made from 1200d x 900d polyester
  • The interior of the ilite bag is completely lined
  • There is a lot of packing space in the interior
  • The interior has an expandable packing capacity
  • Upright suitcase
  • Soft sided luggage
  • The size of the ilite supreme 21 spinner is 14.5″ x 8.5″ x 21″
  • Weighs 7.8 pounds and thus a lightweight carry on
  • Falls within the limits of a carry on bag if you don’t count the wheels
  • Wheeled carry on bag with 4 multi-directional wheels that can spin around
  • On the front side of the bag there are 2 large pockets which is useful in case you need extra packing capacity
  • Available in 5 different colors: Black, Seaport Blue, Saphire Blue, Honeysuckle & Purple
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  • Carry handles on the top and the side of the bag
  • There’s a pull handle on top so you can roll it around upright
  • The 2 front panel pockets and the large packing area have a zipper closure
  • There is a 25″ and a 29″ version of the American Tourister ilite Supreme

What did buyers say about this ilite luggage

The best reviews come from people who bought the American Tourister ilite Supreme Spinner 21 and gave it a try. Did they travel without hassle or did they encounter problems at the airport or on vacation with this bag. Let’s first look at the positive reviews:

Looking for a durable, attractive spinner that you can honestly pack for a week in and carry on your flights? Buy this!

Looks great, rolls great, has a lot of packing space! Very good design. LOve that it stays up with you and not behind you. Makes it alot easier to get into the restroom stall also.

Love it. Light weight, sturdy suitcase made for travel. Easy to pull. Definitely recommend reader consider purchasing this 21 in suitcase.

Excellent travelling companion! Practical, durable, maneuverable, stable- but watch the weight!

Used this suitcase on recent trip. Really performed well. Able to easily pack more than a weeks clothing. Really liked the extra handles at the bottom of the case. Made it super easy to get into the overhead bins on our plane. The spinners made it so easy to maneuver. Didn’t have any problems with the case even though packed to the max. Would highly recommend this suitcase to anyone looking for a light, carry-on!

As always we want the truth and nothing else! Otherwise you can’t make a decent purchase decision. There were also some customers who were negative about the ilite supreme and this is what they had to say about it:

This bag broke after just two weeks of use. I bought this bag right after Thanksgiving and it broke on December 6. During that time, I went on only 4 flights and the bag broke right before the 4th flight. Don’t waste your money in this bag. If you fly frequently, this bag won’t last.

The suitcase can fit a ton of stuff, but there is one major shortcoming: the wheels are of extremely poor quality.

The inside zipper doesn’t have a pull. Wheels get stuck in position, not easy to roll.

This product was nice enough, but it doesn’t seem very sturdy. The wheels seem kind of flimsy as does the retractable handle.

Luggage looks good, but I didn’t use it. It has one fatal flaw, it’s bigger then it claims. It measures at 22 1/2 including wheels.

Our Conclusion about the American Tourister ilite Supreme

That American Tourister has experience in making carry on bags is a fact. They are a big player in the travel luggage market and have a wide range of bags like this ilite supreme and the Splash carry on. It’s a decent bag, but it seems it’s easily worn and more specifically the wheels. A lot people have had issues with and pointed this out in their reviews.

Another complaint some buyers of the American Tourister ilite Supreme Spinner 21 had was that it’s not a real carry on luggage. Some airlines accept it but others will reject it. If you look at the suitcase dimensions then it’s just fine, but if you take the 4 wheels into account then it’s greater than the size limits of some airlines.

However we must point out that most people didn’t complain, gave it a high rating and that they had no problems according to their review. According to those people it had a lot of packing space and still fitted perfectly in the overhead compartment of the airplane. They could get on their flight without hassle with this American Tourister ilite Supreme Spinner luggage and were satisfied about this bag!