Overnight bags for men and women

If you’re looking for stylish carry-on luggage then you can search for a long time. Most of them do look better than the luggage we had in the old days. And I don’t mean the fact that they have wheels or better carry handles. They also look way better than in the old days. However their shape is still the same most of the time (a big rectangular luggage).

Most brands look at functionality or features before designing a carry on luggage. The style is just an extra. So in the first place it has to be practical and not look awesome. However we clients buy with our eyes. So we do like fashion and the way things look.

That is why we think overnight bags are a good idea for short trips. You don’t need to pack much in your carry on luggage when only going away for a short time.

Below we’ve tried to gather information about the best overnight travel bags. We have found some really good looking bags and if it fashion is all what you care about then this might be your perfect type of carry on luggage.

Belvah Large Quilted Damask Print Duffle (21 Inch)

This Belvah Quilted Duffel bag is only available in black and white but has a nice print. The print looks like leaves. It’s not a colorful overnight bag but the special print makes up for this lack of color. It also has 4 detachable ribbons which makes it fancy. This proofs that they really went for the design of this overnight duffle bag. Also the material used is special. Instead of using regular polyester, they used quilted cotton.

But it’s not all design that counts of course. They also looked at the functionality of the bag. It has 2 side pockets when you can slip in invaluable items and 2 zip pockets. One of the zip pockets can be found inside, the other one is on the front of the bag. Use these with a zip closure to keep your more valuable items safe.

It’s quite a large bag and has room enough when going on a short trip of a couple of days. You could also use it as gym bag or even as shopping bag. You could say it’s a multipurpose bag and it’s perfect as overnight bag for women.

Dowco Iron Rider Overnight Bag (50126-00)

Looking for overnight bags for men? Then this is the one! Dowco is known for making motorcycle gear, but this is a kickass overnight bag that we couldn’t leave out of our list.

The shape of the bag is rigid. This means your belongings are protected from the impact of outside pressure. It’s a sturdy overnight bag for men that is only available in black but still looks cool. It’s aimed at motorcyclists so you know it’s has a certain look and feel. So it could be it’s not your style.

It has pockets on the front and the sides. It’s also very functional. There are straps so you can attach it to luggage racks so you won’t lose your valuables.

Floto Luggage Venezia Duffle Bag

If you what to be classy then this leather overnight bag from Floto might just be your cup of tea. Italian calf-skin leather has been used to produce this bag, which is a very supple leather. We also know that the best kind comes from Italy. In this case the bag is a piece of craftsmanship. It was handmade in Tuscany. So rest assure what you’ll get will be of high quality.

But it’s not only the outside that is good. Also the inside is nicely done with cotton. Because of this your clothes will smell good when unpacking. We all know that leather has a certain odor and this is a welcome solution for it.

The size is great. It will still fit in the overhead compartment of most airlines. Packing this mens leather overnight bag is very easy because the zipper goes from the bottom of one side to the bottom of the other. So actually this makes it even more perfect for men.

So we can conclude it looks great and it is made out of durable material. Maybe the only negative point it doesn’t have more pockets (and with all the gadgets we have today this could be a problem) If you carry this elegant bag you can be sure that some eyes will turn when passing by. It’s a stylish carry on luggage like no other!

Dance Cheer Gym Pageant Travel Bag

The first thing you notice when looking at this bag are the colors. There is a wide variety of colors and prints to choose from. Everyone should be able to find one they like. It has to be said that this is a travel duffel bag more suited for women.

For those who hate black luggage these Dance Cheer bags are a welcome alternative. For short vacations where you don’t need to pack a lot of clothes this bag is ideal.
The name Dance Cheer Bags says it already: it’s perfect for dance squads and cheerleaders. According to some female reviewers it’s also suited as diaper bag.

It has exterior zipper compartments which can be useful. You can hold it in your hand and carry it around or you can put it over your shoulder with the detachable shoulder strap.

If you need a fun stylish carry on luggage for occasional trips abroad then go for it! For the cheap price you could even by a couple of them so you can switch this womens overnight bag from time to time.

Kushies My Bag

This is the Ultimate Daycare Bag. It can also be used as overnight bag. The My Bag comes with little boxes for food, clean clothes, soiled clothes, shoes bag and many more. There is a picture on the small bags to help you separate them.

It can be a bag for both baby boys and girls. Or just men or women who want a fun overnight bag. It comes in blue and pink. You don’t need any more colors.

Summary Overnight Bags

There are a lot more bags then those we listed above. However we think we picked out a cool set over overnight bags that can please men and women.
Overnight bags or duffel bags are a good alternative to the regular suitcase most of us use on a plane. Maybe we have a habit of choosing a carry on suitcase when going on a flight when it’s maybe a lot easier and less expensive to buy an overnight bag.
The big advantage with a duffel bag is that you can still use it as a bag on your vacation. Just take your clothes and other items out of it and you have an extra bag on the spot!

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