Carry On Rolling Duffel Bags

Why should you choose a carry on duffel bag with wheels? Well for starters you have a duffel bag about which we already spoke. But it’s a wheeled duffel bag which means that you can choose to carry it around like a normal duffel bag or pull it forward and let it roll over the floor. The choice is yours!

They have a soft shell, so flexible in size. This means a rolling duffel bag is easy to put in the overhead locker, but also easy to move around. They can be used in air travel, but also on other occasions where you need an easy bag.

Below we’re reviewed some of the more appealing wheeled duffel bags in the market. I hope our comparison will help you in making a purchase decision. We’re sure that in our top 3 of the best rolling duffel bags for travel you’ll find the ideal one for your luggage.

Samsonite Andante Wheeled Duffel (22 Inch)

Everyone knows Samsonite. It’s a renowned luggage brand. And this duffel bag is really a beauty. The only downside maybe is that you have only 2 color options to choose from.

Because it’s made out of 100% polyester it’s very light. It weighs only 5 pounds. The fact that it’s a rolling duffle bag makes it very mobile. The wheels lock when this rolling duffel bag is put upright. It has an easy telescopic handle that is easy to hold in your hand.
It has a lot of pockets and the front pocket is easy to access. For us this is the best rolling duffel bag out there. This wheeled rolling duffel bag is also appropriate for international travel due to its lightweight design.

Samsonite has really put their experience in this rolling carry on luggage. According to reviews it looks smaller than it is in reality. The good news is that it still fits in the overhead compartment. That’s just what we need for a carry on duffel bag.

Rockland Luggage Rolling Duffle Bag (22 Inch)

This Rockland wheeled duffel bag is one of the more popular ones. It’s very low priced which makes it attractive for most buyers. But you also have a very broad choice in patterns to choose from. There are 37 different styles to be exact.

Just as the previous wheeled carry on bag it’s lightweight because of the fabric that was used: Polyester. Next to being lightweight another advantage of using polyester is that the rolling duffle bag can be machine washed. It is a big wheeled rolling bag which increases the mobility. The zippers are tough and should last long which makes this a durable bag. There are additional pockets on the sides and one on the top. So there’s enough room to put all your belongings safely away.

It is available in patterns for both men and women. So both should find a style of bag they like. It has a retractable carry handle. But you can still just carry it around like a plain duffel bag if you wish.

Timberland Luggage Twin Mountain Wheeled Duffle (22 Inch)

Another famous brand in our top 3 of best rolling duffle bags for carry on. Timberland specializes in outdoor wear and more precise in footwear. They know how to make boots for walking. But do they know how to make duffle bags with wheels? Yeah they do!

They even have a whole wheeled duffel collection in their product range. This bag is a bit heavier than the previous 2. To be exact it weighs 7 pounds. It’s also made from polyester and the outside is strengthened with extra straps. Inside the carry on luggage there are different compartments. And what was to be expected from this footwear brand there is separate compartment for shoes. In this compartment you can also put wet items. It’s not yet a full waterproof duffel bag but it comes close.

The duffel bag with wheels is available in 2 colors: cocoa and burnt orange. But they both look almost the same. So if you go for class and fame than this carry on duffle bag will be the one for you. The downside of the famous brand is that you pay more for it of course!

Summary Rolling Duffle Bags

All the cases above are soft carry on bags. Although these are not yet large duffle bags on some flight you will need to squeeze them in the overhead compartment. Take into account that the wheels do take extra place and bring less squeezing possibilities.

If you are looking for carry on luggage for short trips that are flexible and easy to move around or even carry around then these wheeled duffel bags are ideal for you.

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