Boeing makes more room for carry-ons on their planes

boeing overhead lockerGreat news for people who pack too much stuff in their carry-on bags. Boeing, which is one of the largest airplane manufacturers, is going to foresee more space for carry-ons.

When boarding a plane everyone is trying to cut the line so that they can be on the plane as soon as possible. Why do we do this? Because – as well all know – the space to put away your carry-on luggage is limited. Also most of us like to place their hand luggage in the overhead compartment just above our heads.

But normally this problem will be over very soon. Boeing has found a way to double the space in the overhead lockers. Yes, you hear it right “Double space”. It seems they found a way to enlarge the so called ‘space bins’ without compromising the design of the plane. The solution was to make the overhead compartments high enough so the carry-on luggage could fit in sideways instead of putting it in flat. Let’s just hope now that everyone will stop putting their carry-on bags in sideways. Otherwise it won’t help a bit.

According to Boeing the new cabins will be more easily accessible and even easier to close without limiting space for passengers.

I’m really looking forward to this but let’s first wait and see until these planes are being used. If it is true then it would mean we all could travel with less hassle. Also don’t forget that there are still size and weight restrictions for your carry-ons which you should obey.

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