What is the Best Hard Shell Carry On Luggage – Reviewed

Today most carry on luggage that is being sold are soft cases made out of polyester. However hard shelled luggage is climbing its way to the top. This trend is noticeable when you are in the airport. Most people there use 4 wheeled hard shell suitcases, however soft shell suitcases such as the Travel Pro Maxlite are still popular. They still are the best selling carry on luggage until now.

Why is hard shell carry on luggage attractive?

  • Protects better against impact damage.
  • When there’s bad weather no fluids can damage your goods inside your bad.
  • Hard shell suitcases are made out of polycarbonate which is strong but lightweight. There’s not so much weight difference anymore with soft side luggage.

One negative point is that is that with hard shell luggage sets you lack flexibility to just squeeze that little extra thing in it if there’s no room.
Below we made a top 5 of hard shell luggage available in the market. According to the reviews these hard shell suitcases got they should be the best around.


Delsey Helium Shadow Spinner Trolley
21 x 15 x 108.4 lb$$

Tumi T-Tech Cargo Continental Carry-On Luggage
24 x 16 x 1010.5 lb$$$

Samsonite Luggage Inova Spinner
20 x 15 x 7.55.9 lb$$$

Ricardo Beverly Hills Spinner Carry-on Bag
8.5 x 19.8 x 14.57.6 lb$

Kenneth Cole Reaction Hard Shell Luggage
8.5 x 20 x 12.67.5 lb$

Legend Explanation

$ = Less than $100 $$ = Less than $200 $$$ = Greater than $200

What I Would Choose

I own the Ricardo Beverly Hills luggage and it’s a decent alternative for my soft case. And it is not even that much heavier. They can both hold around the same amount of clothes, but the soft sided luggage has the advantage that it has exterior pockets.

Regarding movability they’re both alike. So why do I choose a hard shell over a soft shell? Because at the airport a lot of luggage is tossed around and I rather lift a heavier case just than that my belongings are broken. If you only take clothes with you then that’s just fine, but if you also take things with you that can break then you should think twice.

4 Wheels or Less Wheels?

Hard shell luggage is always spinner luggage and thus with 4 wheels instead of 2. This means you got a rigid multidirectional bag that can spin 360 degrees. You can also hold them upright by your side with the handle. This can make life easier at some times.

As we already said in the beginning of this article. Hard shelled luggage is catching up and this is because the hard case is getting less heavy with the use of new and better materials. You get the same protection as with old hard cases but the disadvantage that they were too heavy is disappearing.

Technology shifts the market to other types of products and this only proofs it. It’s a hot trend, but who knows what the next one will be in the luggage world.

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