5 Duffle Bags That Are Great For Air Travel

Duffle bags are large holdalls that were originally used by military personnel. Today they are used by people who enjoy the outdoors. They are ideal for camping trips.

However they are widely used for a number of purposed. They are quite often used as sports bags, gym bags but sometimes also as plain travel bags.

I hear you say: a duffle bag as travel bag, no way! Why not? Not everyone needs a hard case travel bag. The downside is that these are only made for air travel. You can’t go camping with a travel suitcase. But a duffle bag can be used for both, air travel and camping.

Duffle bags in contrast to travel suitcases come in all sizes. We have chosen five excellent duffle bags that are perfect for air travel. Here they are:

Victory Small Team Duffle Bag Bag by Under Armour

The Victory has the following dimensions: 21″ x 12″ x 11.25″ This means that it falls within the IATA guidelines for cabin luggage (22″ x 18″ x 10″). So it’s perfect as carry-on luggage. The other advantage is that because it’s a duffle bag it’s flexible. So if you are with an airline that has more restrictive carry-on luggage size limits you don’t fully pack it and it will be smaller. That’s the advantage of not having a hard case.

You can choose between the red, blue, pink and black version. There are pockets on 3 sides of the bag. It has a placeholder where you can put a card which can be handy when you are travelling. You can use the handles to carry it around or use the shoulder strap. It’s the ideal choice for those who don’t need to pack too much and occasionally take the plane to travel.

Rockland Luggage Tote Bag

Maybe this duffle bag is more suites for the ladies. The Rockland bags are colorful.

They have a strap so you can easily carry them around. There are pockets on the side and the front.

The size of this duffle bag is 19″ x 10″ x 11″. This is still in the limits of the IATA, so it shouldn’t be a problem on most flights.

Cenzo Duffle Italian Leather Weekender Travel Bag

The Cenzo Duffle Italian Leather Travel Bag stands for quality. It looks fabulous because it’s made of high quality leather. Italian leather has a good name in the fashion world. It also smells like leather which some people like.

The size is around the same as the duffle bags that came before it. The dimensions are 21″ x 11″ x 10″ which means it is on 2 out of 3 dimensions within the limits for carry-on luggage so if you don’t fully pack it, you should be able to put it in the overhead locker without any problems.

Skooba Design Laptop Weekender

A laptop bag means it’s designed for IT geeks or not? This travel bag certainly isn’t missing any pockets! It has pockets for ipads, cell phones, kindles and on the outside it also has a large pocket to put away a laptop.

That extra laptop pocket on the outside is really handy because airport security will ask you if you carry a laptop with you. So you can easily take it out for inspection.

The Skooba has the following dimensions: 11 x 18 x 12 inches. It’s large enough to fit clothes in for trips of maximum 3 days.

Filson Small Duffel Bag

This one really looks like a duffel bag in the old days. This bag looks like a collector’s item. or at least something that is passed from generation to generation. It looks old, but it’s strong and will last long

Filson’s motto is “Might As Well Have The Best”. Is it really the best? We don’t know. But it is certainly one of the best duffle bags out there.


The duffle bags listed above are only some of those that you can find in the marketplace. We showed that there are advantages to a duffle bag over a rolling suitcase. On the downside you still need to lift up your bag. A duffle bag is more multipurpose (plane travel, camping, sports, …) and often looks better.

They’re also flexible in size which makes them perfect to airline travel. Put less in them and they will meet the airlines’ size limits.

Because they’re so flexible in size you might even be able to put them under your plane seat when there is no room anymore in the overhead compartment. And believe us, this happens more often than not.

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