The best carry-on luggage doesn’t only needs to fit your specific needs. We’ll try to help you here with that decision.

Cabin baggage comes in all shapes and sizes. Some types are without wheels others with wheels, lightweight or heavyweight, made out of different kinds of materials, etc. So as you can see a broad choice. And we will help you pick the one you need.

You have come to the right place! This site is the best carry-on luggage guide for the travel enthusiast.

Throughout our website we have a lot of carry on luggage reviews to help you find the ideal cabin bag. If you don’t like to browse and rather like a summary you can take a look at the comparison table featuring the best carry on luggage.

10 Best Carry On Luggage By Amazon Ratings


Athalon Luggage Inch Hybrid Travelers Bag
Soft Case21 x 15 x 107.7 lb$$4.8

American Tourister Luggage Splash
Soft Case21 x14.5 x 88.2 lb$$4.7

Rockland Luggage
Hard Case20 x 13 x 96.5 lb$$4.6

Timberland Luggage Twin Mountain
Soft Case22 x 13 x 97.7 lb$$4.6

Samsonite Luggage Wheeled Duffel
Soft Duffle22 x 12.5 x 125.6 lb$4.6

Delsey Luggage Helium Aero Carry-On Spinner Trolley
Hard Case20.5 x 14.5 x 108.2 lb$$$4.5

Travelpro Luggage Crew 9 Spinner Bag
Soft Case21 x 14 x 9.59.2 lb$$$4.5

Table Key

  • Rating – This is the rating that amazon users gave for that specific carry on luggage.
  • Price – Prices are variable so we decided to use a price range. $ = Under $50, $$ = Under $100, $$$ = Under $250 and $$$$ = $250+
  • Size – The size of the luggage is an important aspect. Airlines have size restrictions so make sure they will allow the bag you buy. Want to know more about luggage size restrictions that the major airlines have in place? Check this (Airline Carry On Luggage Rules) out.

Things to take into consideration before buying a bag

Expensive or cheap

Cheaper carry on luggage tends to have more problems than more expensive luggage. That is quite normal, you can’t expect to get the best carry on luggage for free.

Not all brands are equal in value. You can buy travel suitcases from renowned brand and you can still waste your money paying only for the brand. If you’re fine paying more for the brand name then that’s up to you. In all our reviews we mention if the luggage is a renowned brand or not.


In the early days there was only 1 choice: the 2 wheeled travel suitcase. However when you only have 2 wheels you can’t change direction easily. So that’s why the 4 wheels travel bag was invented. This gives you increased maneuverability. The downside is that 4 wheels increase the weight.


Black cases are very popular. This might be because they hide dirt and scratches better than other colors.

Hard cases or soft cases

Nylon, leather & polyester are used for soft cases. Other materials such as polycarbonate or aluminum are used to make hard cases.  Normally leather is the most durable soft case and hard cases are more firm than soft cases and thus protect your luggage better. On the other hand hard cases are inflexible. This makes them sometimes difficult to squeeze into small spaces. Only soft cases have external pockets which can come in handy.


Some airlines (especially budget airlines) have weight and size. A lighter case can be a solution. Also from time to time you will need to carry your luggage and you may need to put it away in the overhead locker. So weight can be an important factor when deciding on your carry-on luggage.

Look & Feel

No one buys something ugly. Designers know that this is also the case in the traveling world. A travel suitcase needs to be functional while looking great. There are many designer brands and styles to choose from. You’ll certainly find one that fits your taste.

Most Asked Questions

Are Rolling Bags The Best Choice For Carry On Luggage?

It depends. If you are in good shape and you can move quickly through the crowds the a  shoulder duffel bag or a backpack might be a better choice.

Also bags with wheels are more expensive and more can go wrong with them. For example a wheel can break off and then the bag is useless.

Where Can I Find The Best Carry On Luggage Made From Leather?

Leather is a durable material. It’s made from animal hide and different kinds of animals are used to produce leather. Not that many manufacturers that make leather carry on luggage. More to find about this topic here.